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Shi ~ Lead Developer
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Reaching over 1 million activities and CSV map download

Dash showing over a million activities found Figure 1. Over a million activities published on d-portal

D-portal has reached over a million activities in the database.

Chart showing 785000 activities in January 2018 Figure 2. Early January with 784540 activities

This is a huge difference when compared to 785,000 at the beginning of the year and we expect this number to increase as the months go by.

CSV map download

Tweet showing new csv download feature Figure 3. Twitter announcement of CSV download

We’ve added the ability for you to download csv data with coordinates (as well as other relevant fields).

Map link from front page Figure 4. Click on the 'View all' link to view more map data

This new feature can be found on the map views of individual country or publisher profiles by clicking on the link shown above.

Tweet showing new csv download feature Figure 5. Click on 'CSV' to start downloading data

This data can also be further filtered by using the dropdown; ie. choosing ‘Active’ will only download ‘Active’ activities.

IATI is continually working on more ways to ensure people can access the data they want through d-portal. Please share any comments or suggestions via GitHub or email With your help, we can make d-portal better.

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