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Matt Bartlett ~ Project Manager
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New d-portal search features to improve data use

Exciting news for data users - we’ve added some great new search features to IATI’s platform

The changes (part-funded by Interaction) mean that searches for IATI data on aid, development and humanitarian activities are easier and can be more refined.

You said, we did...

We’re grateful to our keen d-portal users for providing useful feedback on what needs to be improved. So here’s what has changed:

1. Choose multiple options
Now you can choose more than one option in every category, allowing you to find data for multiple recipient countries, publishers and/or sectors.

Here we’re using this new feature to search for spending and activities across three sectors relating to health in Liberia.

Choosing multiple options in a dropdown
Fig. 1 Multiple options in a single dropdown

2. Search by activity status
Want to look at what activities are being planned for the future, or see what’s already been implemented? Now you can using our new activity status filter.

Choosing an Activity status dropdown
Fig. 2 New activity status dropdown

3. Free text activity search
Want to find a specific activity? Now there’s no need to look through many search results, just simply cut and paste the activity ID number in the free text box and you’ll be taken straight to that activity’s page.

By searching 41119-AF-OTHER-S10-NGO here

Typing in an Activity id
Fig. 3 Type in an activity id and press enter

you’ll be taken to the United Nations Population Fund’s activity in Afghanistan on preventing gender-based violence.

Showing a search result
Fig. 4 The SAVi page for that activity

Other important changes
Following requests, users now have the option to order dropdowns alphabetically or by IATI code and FAQs on the search functions have been added here too.

Can we expect more changes to d-portal? IATI is continually working on more ways to ensure people can access the data they want through d-portal. Please share any comments or suggestions via GitHub or email

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